Though his yellow fur may cause him to be spotted in a crowd, Len is as sneaky and sly as thieves come... at least that's what he wants you to think. In reality, Len is a shy boy who is just trying to get by in life. Abandoned as a child due to his inability to talk, he has learned how to slip by unnoticed by the samurai of his native country, Kroazyao. Though his life has been tough, he has one thing going well for him: having found a magical jewel that gives him the ability to steal voices from other Mokari (along with a myriad of other powers, which seem to activate randomly). Because of his newfound power, he has become one of the most notorious thieves in Kroazyao, earning the nickname, "The Voice Marauder". However, the life of a feared thief is about to come to a screeching halt when Len meets Miki and Zars.


               Mikara, otherwise known as Miki, is the most bubbly and friendly Mokari you'll ever hope to meet! She loves learning about other Mokari's culture, though she may accidentally offend another by saying certain cultural differences are stupid. Comes with growing up in Kyla Suprium, one of the riches (and most racist) countries in the world of Nyth. Miki grew up there with her father and mother, however they both died suddenly when she was only five years old. Years after, Zars, her salty sea captain uncle, decided to take her on his trading routes to show her the world that her father wanted her to see. Miki of course was ecstatic to go off on a wonderful sea faring adventure! Hopefully she'll stay out of trouble... but not likely!

Captain Zars

               Good Ol' Captain Zars, captain of course of the Silver Compass. Before he claimed that title, Zars and his brother sailed the seas of Nyth as self proclaimed pirates, having ran away from their island homes as teenagers. They had many adventures together, getting into scrapes and dodging the blades of knives by the skin on their teeth! However, all their pirating days ended when Zars's brother met the love of his life. Though they did have a disagreement over the engagement, eventually they made up, and formed a trading company with Zars sailing, and his brother staying home to take care of his wife and child. However, when Zars's brother died, along with his wife, Zars made it his personal mission to help their remaining daughter, Miki, make it though life. He knew that his brother always wanted Miki to go see the world with him. So a few years after the death of his brother, he invited the young girl to sail with him for a few years. Who knows how well the old sea dog will cope with his bubbly, naive, and curious niece!