About the Author

Hello, My name is Jessica C. Wright

...And I am the author and Illustrator of Mokari!

I was born and raised as a military kid so I have no place to call home really, unless you count The United States as a "home". I grew up reading about fantasy worlds all the live long day. Eventually I got as ambitious as to write my own story in kindergarten, complete with illustrations and all! Since then I have worked continuously to write, draw, and produce my own fantastical worlds and show them to as many people as I can!

Mokari was always an interesting story to me, mainly because it didn't have a story to begin with (which is quite odd to me in particular). I was bored one day in high school, so I doodled a rough sketch of a creature, and thus the first Mokari was born! I started writing the story many years after I made the first sketch, wanting to focus on a high seas adventure. 
It wasn't long before I instantly fell in love with the concept and started writing Mokari on a more seriously! 
Hope you enjoy the comic!